This web site marks the beginning of a dream. Someday, after the company has just exploded into something huge, you will be able to say "Ah, I remember when it was just getting started!"

I have no desire for TDC Cycle to simply exist - I would buy a hotdog cart if I just wanted to get into business. My vision is that it become THE one, go - to spot when doing it right matters. 

What constitutes right? Right, simply put, is what my customer wants. It isn't just meeting expectation, lots of places can do that. It's exceeding expectation. It's doing the little things that once you have that bike back home in your garage, show the work of someone that really cares about what he does.

Winter is steadily setting in here in middle Tennessee. It is the perfect season to get your bike ready for Spring.

After another season of riding, it's always a good idea to give your bike a careful once over. In the rush to take advantage of the good weather, we are all guilty of letting some needed work go to get out and ride. Time spent during the cold months performing a thorough safety and maintenance check stem to stern will make for Springtime fun, instead of surprises.

It's getting cold! With the right gear, and a properly prepared bike, you can keep right on riding through the winter, and TDC Cycle can help. We can wire your bike to safely connect heated riding gear, along with installing heated grips. Winter weather can be hard on many of your bike's functional systems as well - let us go over it to be sure it is ready!

H. Matthew Chambers, Founder and Chairman of Confederate Motorcycles in Birmingham, Alabama, is a very smart guy, and someone I admire. Seemingly through the sheer force of his own will, through both natural and economic disasters, Confederate creates American motorcycles that just can't really be directly compared to anyone elses. They exist in a niche that is theirs uniquely.

To me, one of the hallmarks of great design is the polarizing effect it has on those that view it. Confederate bikes often put people into two distinct camps - love it, or hate it. This effect usually has little to do with how much it costs to own one, although it certainly affects how many actually will. In a world of plain vanilla, these guys are raspberry sherbet.

I am frequently asked, "Why aren't you working on Harley-Davidsons?" The answer to that question is long, but worth sharing. It also leads into my philosophy about what I do.

Let me start by saying I have nothing bad to say about them. I have puchased new Buells more than once. Having made the payments to H-D Credit to do it, I'm qualified to have an opinion. Great fun to ride, and my last one - an '09 Firebolt XB12R - was reliable as a stone. What H-D did to Buell was a crime, but that tirade is for another time.

Although I loved my Buells, my true passion lies with what I do work on, Japanese and European bikes. These are the bikes I grew up dreaming about, lusting after, and eventually working on. At that time, through most of the '70s and early '80's, Harley-Davidsons truly were awful, with quality that so poor that even the H-D faithful started migrating away. As H-D declined, the imported bikes just kept getting better and better.

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